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You might have a busy lifestyle, been hurt before and do not know where to start, there is lots of women out there who are also asking the question where to find a boyfriend, all you have to do is know where to start looking.
If you do the same thing day in and day out guess what life will never change for you?

How to find your perfect Girlfriend

If you have ever dated a girl who was not right for you then you know how frustrating it can be if you do not share the same interests. Take your time. Get to know your girlfriend. Make sure she is perfect for you. It is important to be comfortable with yourself. If you are stressed and irritable, miserable around others how can you expect to attract the right person.
Jot down on a piece of paper the sort of woman you are looking for. It is important to not waste your time with someone who you are not suited to.

Happiness is contagious it shows you are confident and like having fun. It rubs off on people. If you have a happy demeanour you will attract the opposite sex.

Finding the right Girlfriend

Anything that is worth doing takes time, you have got to go on lots of dates with different people to get to know them and find out what makes them tick.

There are a lot of attractive fit women out there who are really boring, women who you would not normally spend five minutes with let alone enter into a relationship with because they are very, very strange, neurotic.

A woman who is not suited to you might not be suited to others. This is why she is desperate, she will dig her claws in and not let you go.

Take your time have fun and make sure you know how to make a graceful exit.

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Making the right impression with your prospective Girlfriend

Once you have found the right girl it is important to make sure she wants to spend time with you. Make sure you will mentally stimulate her with some good conversation topics.

Choose the right aftershave. Make sure you wear deodorant and clean your teeth and have your hair cut and wash your hair.

Body language counts for a lot, your date will be mentally checking you out, how you react in the company of others.

Your posture, how you sit and your level of conversation.

Being polite

Show your date chivalry is not dead, open doors for your potential girlfriend, including car doors.

It is important to not raise your voice. If the woman who you are with has been in an abusive relationship she may tar you with the same brush.

The art of conversation

Do not rattle on about your ex-girlfriend or past relationships, talk constantly about work or stresses in your life.

Try to think of some witty situations or things that have happened in your life. Some people pay to listen to comedians talking about their life experiences.

Why not go to a place where you can find lots to talk about. If you go to a night club or some restaurants it is too noisy to talk.

If you have been talking on a dating chat site or if you have been communicating by e-mail to each other you must know what interests she has.

Women like men who have social skills, it is important not to be crude or suggestive in your conversation.

First impressions

Supermarkets and spend fortunes on selling products, one of the most important things they promote is packaging.
If you sign up to a dating website make sure you upload a good dating profile picture.

Choose the right surroundings.

You might think the photograph you have uploaded makes you look like a fun chap however it could also make you look like an idiot.

Some men think they are all that they like to show what they have worked for, they will take a photograph of themselves stood by a motor bike, boat or car. A woman might think you are self centered and have just one line of conversation.

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